Design and Technology 9-1: Shaping Techniques Bundle: Lathe/Milling Machine/CAD-CAM/ Die Casting, 3D Printing and Sand Casting- 2 Whole Lessons

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The 2 PPT’s cover:

  1. Shaping Techniques: Die Casting and Sand Casting: Whole Lesson
  2. Shaping Techniques: Lathe/Milling Machine/CAD-CAM/ :Whole Lesson
  3. Shaping Techniques: Bending and Shaping: whole lesson.

**Shaping Techniques: Die Casting and Sand Casting: Whole Lesson

This full lesson includes accurate information for your students to understand Die Casting and Sand Casting. Great to introduce students too - but also for revision.

What the PPT includes:
• The starter introduces them to an exam style question based on Die Casting - students will be given a hand out explaining the command words which will appear in their exam. They will them highlight the command words and key information in the mock question itself. (this will come in handy later on in the lesson)
• Information about the Die Casting and sand casting process - images and videos
• Two hand outs -

  1. The first task asks students to answer an exam style question relating to Die Casting - They will be given time to answer the question.
  2. The second hand out shows a model answer to the question along with the mark scheme. They will be asked to mark the model answer using the mark scheme and reflect. They will they go back to their answer and mark in the same way reflecting after.
  3. Plenary - Students will identify the pro’s of each casting process.

**Shaping Techniques: Lathe/Milling Machine/CAD-CAM/his PPT is a whole lesson.

It’s great to introduce students to the topic of Shaping Techniques when using the Milling machine and Lathe (can also be used for the revision period) - It also explores CAD/CAM when used with these 2 machines/processes.
An exam question has also been included focusing on The Milling Machine. The answer for this question has been provided also with highlighted content showing where students will pick up the marks. This is all presented on 1 slide, so you could always show it to the class and run through it to encourage self assessment.
The PPT is full of reliable subject information. Videos and imagery are included for those more visual learners and to support understanding and learning

**Shaping Techniques: Bending and Shaping PPT is a whole lesson.

This PPT is a whole lesson - great for introducing students to the topic or for revision.

The lesson cover:
Bending Materials – naming 3 types
This is a task for students to complete. The task consists of students completing a detailed table by unscrambling the function of each bending type and example products. Answers have been provided on the next slide for the convenience of teacher and student.

Heated before being bent-
Subject specific information including reference to ‘annealing’

Pressed and Shaped
Subject specific information provided - images and video to help support learning. Diagram of the pressing process provided along with a task for students asking them to draw and label the metal sheet press process - great for exam prep.

**Shaping Techniques: 3D Printing PPT is a whole lesson.

Slides include reliable information from the CGP Revision booklet. You will find the following:

Clearly layed out task sheets to help structure the students’ work/lesson Information referring to - the 3d printing process, CAD/CAM, videos, prototypes and how 3D printing has helped in other industries - Health and Food. Students to answer a practice question - PPT includes model answer and encourages students to self reflect and improve their answer.

Many thanks for purchasing this resource. I am very proud of my resources and ask for your kindness in taking a moment to review it. I know others would appreciate your views as I do.

You saved a lot of time, so now time to relax in such a busy teaching world!


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