Diary writing KS2

I used this prezi over 5 lessons with my mixed year 4/5/6 class who are great writers but reluctant when it comes to diaries. Final activity involves the children writing a diary from the viewpoint of an ordinary classroom object such as a paperclip or pen.


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    soniajallane2 months agoReport

    Lovely idea and adaptable. I'm looking forward to trying it out!

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    SportyK3 months agoReport

    This is a clear and straightforward resource which can be adapted easily to suit chn's needs. Thank you!

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    Sophie_Tops3 months agoReport

    Brilliant thank you - a great starting point for my Year 4's who will be writing their diary entries over the coming week.

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    sltubb9 months agoReport

    Looking forward to using this next week.

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    jemmajayne9 months agoReport

    Bad spelling