Digital Scavenger Hunt - Team Building Activity
I made this resource for a day-long team building session for a group of 12 lower ability FE learners. It was designed to last around six hours and did exactly that.

The idea is that each team uses digital technology and the internet to help their team to win. It's a whole day of fun that can be used for any age-groups including colleagues and SLT alike. There really is no age limit or restriction to this.

The premise is this: the class is broken up into four groups - 1 - red, 2 - green, 3 - orange and 4 - purple. Each team is given a special object - game consoles, pop music, Star Wars and anime which forms part of their own scavenger hunt. Each learner will have their name added to the wheel which chooses what team they are on and they then progress to choose each team, colour and special object. The selection process is completely random and is used on extremely interactive features that I have built into the presentation. This is perfect for learners who need to be broken out of social circles and helps with confidence building and communication.

Once in their groups, each colour gets a ticket containing an easy, medium or hard challenge that they must complete using the internet. Some contain simple riddles, others contain serious challenges that they must use team work alone to solve. Each team will win a 'silver eagle' for every challenge that they complete. For every two challenges that they complete in sequence, they get an extra 'silver eagle' and the objective is simple; the team with the most 'silver eagles' wins the Hunt. I tempted my lot with biscuits. They were happy enough with that.

Some work is required by the user to print, present and distribute the Hunt. For example - the coloured slides print off nicely to a credit-card size where they can be cut out, and given to each team as they complete them. I have also included a sheet of actual 'silver eagles' that you can print and cut out. You will also need some editing skills to be able to add your learners' names into the selection wheel.

I spent several days devising and producing this content and I really believe that it is value for money. If you are stuck for ideas for a day of team building for any age group from year ten to adults, then this will work perfectly for you. This is an extremely high-quality, carefully produced a well devised resource that is guaranteed to last at least four hours. Please be assured that you won't be able to cram this lot in to a one hour session. You are however welcome to break it down to suit as you wish.

It contains many interactive features - hit F5 and let your cursor do the walking.

Good luck and if you have any questions, please ask. I would also appreciate some feedback.
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Created: Mar 23, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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