(Nov 2012) I have revisited / repackaged some of these videos and added new ones (about 20 Videos now available) . See my other Resources.

(Mar 2012). Page now hosted on different website)

Pupils construct Word Equations and then Balanced Formulae Equations.

Mainly Blank Version for Pupils to complete.
Second Version with suggested Marks allocation.
Completed Version. (Was password protected but now open).


  • Fomula Writing (Videos).pdf
  • Fomula Writing (Videos) Marks.pdf
  • Fomula Writing (Videos) Completed.pdf

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    user avatarolygilly2 years agoreport

    new website brilliant!

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    Website link http://www.chemistry-teaching-resources.com/St_Gr_Topic_1.1.html not live anymore - just a bunch of ads

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    user avatarFionaMM4 years agoreport

    Great videos and worksheets, thanks so much for sharing

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    user avatarDebi255 years agoreport

    Great resources

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