Presentation and experiement investigating the expansion and contraction of solids. Pupils will learn that matter expands when it is heated and contracts when cooled and will be able to explain the expansion and contraction of solids, liquids and gases in terms of particle theory.



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Created: Sep 19, 2011

Updated: May 15, 2013

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    Great resource, like the way it's sorted from liquids and gases

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    user avataraudreyta year agoreport

    A good powerpoint to use with traditional bar and gauge/ball and ring apparatus for expansion. Easily adapted to use as a demonstration with pupls answering the questions afterwards. Thank you for sharing

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    I found this very useful, thanks.

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    You may wish to amend the latter part of this powerpoint should you not wish to use the standard bar and gauge, ball and ring demonstrations for expansion of solids but the initial slides are well presented and make their point usefully.