EYFS Lesson Observation Sheet

A lesson observation sheet that incorporates elements of the EYFS themes and commitments and OFSTED judgement criteria. I have developed this as I have yet to find a definitive lesson observation sheet that can be used in the Foundation Stage. I have used this in Foundation Stage classes and in mixed FS/KS1 classes. I would welcome any comments or ideas that you have. Topics also included; assessment, paperwork.


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  • HSBrown6 months agoReport

    Thank you. I often feel out of my depth when observing in the foundation, impressed simply that 60 children are all on task and engaged and yet so young!

  • Jalilah7a year agoReport

    Very helpful for an non-EYFS specialist observing lessons in the Foundation Stage.

  • Thank you. I have used this recently to observe three classes and find it great. As you have said there is very little help around for thise of us who have to observe and write up EYFS observations. Thank you again.

  • stav333 years agoReport

    Thank you, very helpful.

Mar 3, 2010
Jun 5, 2013