Financial Literacy - The Looming Crisis in America

This ebook is a roundup of sourced expertise on the subject, and explores the role of individuals, government, teachers and children, in shaping the future of financial responsibility.

Use this resource as an in-depth primer on the topic, to encourage deeper thought and create a pivotal moment for young adults to value and accept responsibility for their financial future.

Financial literacy is defined as the achievement of skills and knowledge necessary to make informed judgments and effective decisions regarding earning, spending and the management of money and credit.

The visibility of financial literacy as a major national issue has increased significantly during the last decade.

The concept of personal accountability has been diluted; therefore, people don’t focus on adjusting their behavior … They have to have accountability to understand how to make the right choices, and if they default that accountability to somebody else, then they’re going to be in trouble. Experts following this phenomenon also site a shift in attitudes among Americans. “We need to make people aware that they are empowered consumers and through knowledge, through education, they can make those choices for themselves. Americans are realizing, ‘You know, I should have taken more responsibility for my own well being.’


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