Full lesson in Networking & Topology (includes lesson plan) in Word & Powerpoint.
I created this resource for a job interview (observed class) at a school. I got the job.

The theme is Computer Networking and includes a considerable amount of information that you can dissect and change round as you wish that covers networking, topology, hardware, servers, switches, routers and more. I managed to get my hands on a bunch of RJ45's and a switch so the learners were able to see and feel what an actual networking component looks like.

The package includes;

Full lesson plan
Full lesson deliverables (at least one hour)
Resources (acronyms and learner feedback)
Interactive starter (PC hardware)
Online exercises in bus, star and ring topology
Progression exercise in networking acronyms (extension)

The session content includes several opportunities to check the learners progress. I have also included a section at the very top of the session in Equality and Diversity. It will be irrelevant now, but it was about Ramadan. If you are to use this resource, I would advise looking up what is happening in the Equality and Diversity calender for that day and add it in.

I recieved some excellent feedback about the lesson from SMT.

A great deal of careful planning has gone into this resource.

I hope you enjoy using it.
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Created: Jun 8, 2016

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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