Fun Stalin's Russia Card Game - 61 cards

Teeming with precise and carefully selected evidence my students love playing this game to boost subject knowledge. There are sixty one cards (which work best when cut out and laminated) and they are colour coordinated into categories: rise to power, purges, WWII, industry/agriculture, and culture. These cards include all the main figures you would expect such as young Stalin, Trotsky, Beria and so on but also some lesser known figures such as Maria Yudina (Stalin’s favourite musician), Vasily Blokhin (notorious WWII executor), and Mikhail Gelovani (actor who played Stalin 13 times in various Soviet movies). On each card there is a key date/event for that person, two precise statistics, and a quotation. Students simply call out a category and the person with the highest card ‘trumps’ the other, winning their card. The objective is to strip your opponent of their cards to win the game. This is a resource I am very proud of and which has received many accolades from students and lesson observations alike and which will really boost your students’ subject knowledge of Stalin’s Russia. This activity works really well as a stand-alone activity, revision tool, or starter/plenary to any lesson on Stalin’s Russia. I hope you enjoy it as much as my students do!


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Created: Jun 14, 2018

Updated: Aug 31, 2018


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