A wonderful set of worksheets that make performing the different transformations much more fun and exciting to do! A mixture of reflections, rotations, translations and enlargements which are perfect for any class, ideal for end of term lessons and recap of the basics too.

Also make wonderful displays too once completed!


  • Combined-Transformations-Duck.pdf
  • Dino-Egg-Enlargement.jpg
  • Fish-Mixed-Transformations.pdf
  • Frog-Rotation-Worksheet.jpg
  • House-and-Garden-Rotation-Worksheet.jpg
  • Lion-Translation-Worksheet.jpg
  • Rocket-and-Stars-Rotation-and-Translation-Worksheet1.jpg
  • Rotation-and-Reflection-Sea-Side-Worksheet.jpg
  • Sea-Lion-Translation.jpg
  • Snail-Describe-the-translation.pdf

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