Based on @just_maths post on "Keeping Time"

I printed the first slide onto A3 paper, which contains visual prompts (numbers can sometimes be difficult to read from the board). Some topics also contain extension questions and some questions can be completed without the question displayed on the board (for example perimeter of a sector and surface area of hemisphere) which can mean stronger students can move onto these questions when they are finished with the section you are currently on.

We went through each question as soon as the time was up, but may be quicker to do all the questions first. I am yet to complete 12 questions in 1 hour as planned :).


  • Shape-revision-1.notebook
  • Shape-revision-1.pptx

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    user avatardamia695 months agoreport

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    user avataramurra88276 months agoreport

    Wow! What a fantastic way to get kids working at a rapid pace. Well thought out, cant wait for the next one.

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    user avatarDaveGalea year agoreport

    This worked brilliantly with my top set yr11. thanks!

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    user avatarjloma62 years agoreport

    This worked really well for my students. Thank you.

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    user avatarfayej112 years agoreport

    What a great idea. Thank you