Idiom Puzzles
This is a set of 24 idiom puzzles. Each puzzle includes three pieces: the idiom, a picture of the idiom, and a definition.

-24 idiom puzzles
-Recording sheet

Idioms included:
-over the moon
-joined at the hip
-break a leg
-the cat's out of the bag
-piece of cake
-raining cats and dogs
-hold your horses
-walking on eggshells
-all ears
-cost an arm and a leg
-in the same boat
-sick as a dog
-when pigs fly
-couch potato
-zip your lips
-cold feet
-like two peas in a pod
-butterflies in stomach
-head in the clouds
-needle in a haystack
-at the end of your rope
-cold shoulder
-time flies
-off the hook

Ideas for using these puzzles in the classroom:
-literacy center
-in a pocket chart
-cooperative learning activity
-early finishers


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