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CreatedJan 2, 2007
UpdatedNov 27, 2011

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    user avatarRellahi11a year agoReport

    Please can you delete out of date material as it wastes teacher's time . Thank you

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    user avatarmrcutts5 years agoReport

    Great - does exactly what it says it does!

  • 3
    user avatarBBiscuit7 years agoReport

    Time saved. Thank you!
    I have a information meeting next week and as I am the Year 2 team leader and Deputy this will really save me some prep time!
    I am glad I Googled now!

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    out of date. Not sure why this is recommended in the TES, do they not quality control and update as necessary?

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    user avatarChrissy638 years agoReport

    Very clear. Excellent presentation Thanks.