KS3 Mensuration-Space exploration-adventure game

KS3 adventure game in which students answer mensuration questions in order to explore space. PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT. Choose to explore Triangulum, which has easier questions on area of a parallelogram and a triangle, perimeter and area of a composite shape made from rectangles, surface area and volume of a cuboid. Then when completed, choose to explore Andromeda, which has more difficult problems involving perimeter of a rectangle and area of a triangle, area of a trapezium, surface area and volume of prisms. At the end there is an analysis of the understanding of the topics. Go to my profile page and check out my other games.


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  • Brilliant resource, very engaging, thanks.

  • Fantastic idea! I can see pupils wanting to go back and work out their mistakes. You've obviously put loads of time into producing this resource. Thank you for sharing and giving me plenty food for thought for making my resources more engaging.

  • mnujie3 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing. looks fun! I shall try it with my kids. :)

  • louisems4 years agoReport

    Fantastic resource - the kids loved it

  • rosedz4 years agoReport

    Thanks again