This powerpoint goes through a lesson teaching learning styles. It containes the theory and examples and a really good way to bring the class together with discussions.


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Created: Jan 9, 2012

Updated: Jul 12, 2014

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    That you very much for this. I have to disagree with Timdreid's review, and think that it was quite harsh to review a resource, which clearly took time and effort to create, in this way! True, learning cannot be simplified to 3 'styles' but this is very useful when it comes to revision of a topic. Many students do not know how to revise, and at least identifying a particular learning style will give them a good base point to then go on and revise. Thank you for this resource :)

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    I found it very useful. Most people learn through a mix of styles, we know that. But most do have a preference and anything that encourage people to self reflect and think about what they are doing, taking ownership of their own learning is great.

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    user avatarJessiehh2 years agoreport

    Not used it yet, but will definitely be trying it in class. Thanks

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    user avatardfrances3 years agoreport

    I like the way you apply the styles to people the students will know. Thank you.

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    It is clear and informative. Thank you for sharing.