Learning styles

This powerpoint goes through a lesson teaching learning styles. It containes the theory and examples and a really good way to bring the class together with discussions.


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    timdreid4 months agoReport

    Encouraging children to label themselves as a certain learning style is an awful thing to do and counteracts the aims of a healthy growth mindset. Moreover, extensive research has shown it is entirely false to think that children learn better by any one particular style, and indeed some research even shows that children learn more when they step outside their comfort zone. I've lost count of the number of times kids have said to me something like "sorry I can't do this worksheet because I'm a kinaesthetic learner" when really they just like e.g. football and mucking about, and saw their new label as a way of justifying not working. By all means teachers should plan their lessons with a variety of activities that stimulate learning in different ways, but presenting such simplistic, pseudoscientific nonsense to children in the the way you do in this powerpoint can only do harm to childrens' learning. We are supposed to be a research-informed profession, and you need to bring your pedagogy up to date.

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    Jessiehh8 months agoReport

    Not used it yet, but will definitely be trying it in class. Thanks

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    dfrances2 years agoReport

    I like the way you apply the styles to people the students will know. Thank you.

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    It is clear and informative. Thank you for sharing.

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    hsherbiny2 years agoReport

    Very useful

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