Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Full Circle 1 Pictures

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Pictures and phoneme frames to accompany full circle game for phonemes sh, ch, th, ng, p, n, r, c, a, i


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Created: Apr 6, 2008

Updated: Jan 23, 2013

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    Ace! exactly what I needed. Thank you

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    user avatarjwilts6 years agoreport

    Found them! The words are on p-90 of letters and sounds, Primary Strategy ship, chip, chin, thin, than, can, cash, rash, rang, ring, rip,ship!

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    user avatarfrooshie8 years agoreport

    stuck with this game. Can anyone help with the words! We get ship, chip, chin, thin, than, can but then it seems to go wrong! Is it coin? If so, then what's the smiley face!


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    full circle. An interesting game