Los números 1-31

This PowerPoint lesson was made for use in our feeder primary schools. We are currently redeveloping our primary Spanish resources but these materials do still do the job! There is a version of each lesson without sounds and one with me doing the audio to help non-specialist teachers be more confident in teaching.


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  • abibryan8 months agoReport

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  • handy2a year agoReport

    I have used these number games over and over with so many different classes since I found them- and for KS1&2 French lessons too without the sound.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • AnnieMR4 years agoReport

    This is a very useful resource for introducing numbers. Many thanks.

  • matos14 years agoReport

    Great thanks for sharing.

  • yachica5 years agoReport

    This is amazing, thankyou!