A fully interactive question generator on mean from grouped frequency tables. Create questions as well as solutions (broken down into steps or completed in one go) at the press of a button.

You also have to facility (if you unhide the first few columns) to amend any of the data to suit your own style of questions.

Useful for KS3 or KS4


  • Mean-From-Grouped-Frequency-Table-Question-Generator.xlsm

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4 Reviews

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    An excellent resource for generating and displaying examples including answers. Thank you for sharing freely.

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    user avatarCrispy82124 days agoreport

  • 5
    user avatarJennyF1002 months agoreport

    Great resource, thank you for sharing. I love using a calculator STATS mode to find the mean from a table but this is far superior.

  • 5Recommended

    A really useful demonstration, very good that you can choose what to display so you can ask the students first then show answers.