Olympics 2012

This resource can be used over a whole lesson, it includes activites, starters, mains and plenaries. It centres around the Olympics in London 2012 next year and what is being done to make this a 'green' olympics. Feedback appreciated. Thanks. Paul.


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  • Not what I was looking for on this occasion but a fantastic resource. Many thanks for sharing.

  • syw4 years agoReport

    I LOVE THIS! Brilliant resource that links my topic from last term, sustainability to my topic next week, olympics. Couldn't be more perfect, thank you so much! I also wondered what poster was being referred to, but a quick google found it... http://getset.london2012.com/assets-uploaded/documents/ODA_Being_greener_poster.pdf

  • zoehewlett4 years agoReport

    Hi Paul, a great resource, thank you. What is the poster you refer to in source a though?

  • Great! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Fantastic resource!we are focusing our learning journey this term on the Legacy the Olympics will have on The local,National and International environment. I'll put up resources I develop and hopefully they'll be useful