Phonemic Awareness Centers: Blends, Digraphs, Vowels
This is a set of hands-on literacy centers that build phonemic awareness with blends, digraphs, and vowel sounds.

Includes 6 phonemic awareness activities - 2 for beginning sounds, 2 for medial sounds, and 2 for ending sounds.

Green Set - Beginning Blends and Digraphs
Yellow Set - Medial Vowel Sounds (includes short, long, and a few variant vowels)
Red Set - Ending Blends and Digraphs

Each set includes a dominoes match-up activity and an elkonin sound boxes activity.

Dominoes - Students start with the domino that has a green start sign. They match the picture to another picture with the same target sound. If all matches are made correctly, the line of dominoes will end with the red stop sign.

Elkonin Boxes - There is one card for each picture on the dominoes. The card has a picture of the object and elkonin boxes for the word. The boxes for the target sound are blank for students to fill out. I suggest laminating these and having students use dry erase markers to fill them out.
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Created: Nov 29, 2016

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