Sectionalism in the US Formative Review
Review (Formative Assessment)

Below are 9 events that furthered the sectional tensions leading to Civil War.

1. Bank of the US
2. VA & KY Resolutions
3. Missouri Compromise
4. Tariff of Abominations
5. Gag Rule
6. Mexican War
7. Compromise of 1850
8. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
9. Abolitionism

Descriptions. Put the appropriate letters next to the events listed above. Several can be used for more than one event.

a. Free states and slave state territories established
b. Senate balance preserved
c. John C. Calhoun a prominent political character
d. Slavery the central issue behind the event
e. A member of the Adams family plays a prominent political role
f. Nullification of federal law over disagreements with those laws
g. If you’re a slave, the mere mention of it can get you punished
h. Force Bill issued but never acted upon
i. Birth of Political Parties
j. California gold rush causes CA to enter as free state
k. Fugitive Slave law enacted
l. Henry Clay a prominent political character
m. Polarized the sections, with southerners questioning its legitimacy & authenticity
n. Lands acquired should be free, not slave
o. Steven Douglas a prominent political character
p. Slave trade outlawed in DC
q. Interpretation of “elastic clause” in Constitution a central issue
r. Thomas Jefferson a prominent political character
s. Slavery is a moral evil, and should be outlawed immediately
t. Thankfully the president died, or his veto would have caused civil war 10 years earlier than it actually happened
u. Slavery petitions not allowed to be heard or debated on the floor of the House

If you fill this out completely correct you will get 5 points of extra credit. Missing up to 3 items will get you 3 points. Missing 4 or 5 will get you 1 point. Missing more than 5 equals no points.
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