Surds simplifying grade A lesson

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Three part lesson on simplifying surds at grade A. Starter recaps basic number and algebra work. Task and extension questions provided with answers. Mini-plenary exam question and plenary bingo game embedded. Thanks to TES member Sharon Darbyshire for creating and uploading the codebreaker activity.

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Surds simplifying grade A lesson yr10

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CreatedDec 12, 2012
UpdatedJun 9, 2013

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    user avatarrdutta121a year agoReport

    As always, Mistry Maths is a WINNER. Full of great activities. Will use it and encourage others to log in.

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    user year agoReport

    Thanks so much for sharing all your hard work. Making Ofsted a little less stressful (if it ever can be....)

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    user avatarJoshua22 years agoReport

    Have not used it yet but just what I was looking for

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    user avatarshsk2 years agoReport

    Thanks for reminding me how to make surds fun - my class always like bingo.

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    This is excellent. Thank you for sharing. Saved me hours of work.