A quick link to the latest materials for the year 6 spelling , punctuation and grammar test for 2013. it includes an initial powerpoint which could be used/adapted for inset for staff. Hope this helps. Have just added the new notes for readers too ( apr 2013) Am now working on other SPAG resources- watch my profile list of resources.


  • Teaching Grammar and Punctuation- Part 1.ppt
  • 2013-2015_keystage2_english_grammarpunctationandspelling_test_framework.pdf
  • Parents Leaflet - Grammar punctuation and spelling test 15 Nov 2012.pdf
  • sample ks2 l3-5 english gps short answer booklet.pdf
  • sample_ks2_l3-5_english_grammarpunctationandspelling_markscheme.pdf
  • sample_ks2_l3-5_english_grammarpunctationandspelling_script.pdf
  • sample_ks2_l3-5_english_grammarpunctationandspelling_spelling_task.pdf
  • notes for SPAG readers.PDF

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