The Race - Chinese New Year Story PowerPoint

A PowerPoint of the Chinese New year story produces using communicate in print with widgit symbols and hand made pictures. Great for SLD and great for Early Years. Simplified version of the story which is great for students working between P4-P8. Also added are two PDF files - one with an animals chatter mat and the other with a foods chatter mat used to make a sensory map.


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  • mrguthriea year agoReport

    Going to use this to help my class present an assembly to rest of the school. The symbols are really going to help a lot of the children who have additional needs. Thanks.

  • excellent thank you

  • ladysloch2 years agoReport

    Very useful resource thanks!

  • hobbs12 years agoReport

    This is fantastic for my group of SLCN children. Thank you so much.

  • clareb19842 years agoReport

    Amazing! I didn't have to change anything, this is perfect for my class.