Traditional Stories Y5 + 6. Four-week unit including planning, differentiated activities and slides!

A full, four-week unit on Spies and Villains for Years 5 and 6. Take your students on a journey with secret agents, nefarious villains and most importantly…mischievous minions! The planning follows the UK National curriculum objectives and uses elements of Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing program. You will find enclosed:

A model text- Location Zero (a spy story- James Bond with a twist!)
The story map;
Adventurous vocabulary;
Detailed lessons plans;
Accompanying power point slides and differentiated activities.

In week two, the unit aims to develop creativity through the use of comic strips and other innovation techniques. The unit also teaches to use of sentence and paragraph openers to structure writing.

Finally, the model text is an original story written by Miss Tiffin- a UK trained teacher who now works internationally. You can find out more about the author at

You can also use to contact the author. She may even publish some of your completed stories on her website! Alternatively, add Grace Ann Tiffin on Facebook or Instagram and stay up to date with the most recent stories and units.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the unit!

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  • Location-Zero--Model-Text.pdf
  • Space-Station-Five--Innovated-Text.pdf
  • Story-Map.pdf
  • Lesson-Plan--Week-1.pdf
  • Lesson-Plan--Week-2.pdf
  • Lesson-Plan--Week-3.pdf
  • Lesson-Plan--Week-4.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-1-PP.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-2-PP.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-3-PP.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-4-PP.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-5-PP.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-1-PP.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-2-PP.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-3-PP.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-4-PP.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-5-PP.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-1-PP.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-2-PP.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-3-PP.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-4-PP.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-5-PP.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-1-PP.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-2-PP.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-3-PP.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-4-PP.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-3--Beginning.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-3--Developing.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-3--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-4--Beginning.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-4--Developing.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-4--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-5--Beginning.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-5--Developing.pdf
  • Week-1--Lesson-5--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-1--Beginning.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-1--Developing.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-1--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-2--Beginning.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-2--Developing.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-2--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-2--WAGOLL-Comic.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-3--Space-Station-5.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-4--Developing.pdf
  • Week-2--Lesson-4--Mastering.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-1--Opening-Toolkit.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-2--Build-Up-Toolkits.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-3--Problem-Toolkits.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-4--Resolution-Toolkits.pdf
  • Week-3--Lesson-5--Conclusion-Toolkits.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-1--Verbal-Invention.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-2--Planning-sheet.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-4--Reflection.pdf
  • Week-4--Lesson-4--Certificates.pdf
  • Mark-Scheme-KS2.pdf

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