Where the Red Fern Grows: Reading-for-Detail Crossword: Novel-Based!
NOTE: This product is meant to be used after students have read the book.

Every clue in this crossword is related to an event, character, or detail in or about the book. Challenges students' reading-for-detail skills in a fun way! Good objective review or competition activity!

Examples of clues:
* Bad luck bringers ANSWER: owls
* Mrs. Colman’s heritage ANSWER: Cherokee
* Sloppy Ann ANSWER: hog
* ___ cat ANSWER: civet
* Animal left behind on the farm ANSWER: Samie
* Compete Billy’s song: You can swim the river...And play your ___ out one by one ANSWER: trick

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***To say that my students loved these would be an understatement. They referred to them all the time, got really upset if their bookmark got misplaced, and said they were "the best thing you've ever given us..." (they are prone to slight exaggeration...but they were appreciative!)...Highly recommend!*** H.S. Language Arts Teacher

***I purchased these bookmarks for 4 novels after downloading the Holes freebie bookmark. They are wonderful! The students refer to them frequently while reading. Struggling readers feel empowered and participate in text discussion much more often. Definitely worth the price!—Portigo P.***

***I have bought several of these resources, and I love seeing my students refer back to them when they have a question about a character. They are a hit!—Tara S.***

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