Working With Shapes and Solids Fold-Ups and More
Students have everything they need to learn about shapes and solids

This packet is designed to introduce students to common shapes and solids. In addition to being able to recognize these common shapes and solids, students will learn to recognize characteristics such as number of sides, lines of symmetry, number of faces, edges, vertices and a solid's net.

This product contains the following:

• Fold-up 1 contains shapes, number of sides and number of lines of symmetry.

• Fold-up 2 contains solids, number of faces, vertices and edges.

• Fold-up 3 matches solid names and pictures to its net.

• Also included are two sets of cards. These cards can be used as flashcards or to play Concentration. One set focuses on shapes, the other on solids.

• Two reference sheets are also included. These sheets can be referred to by students as a resource while working with shapes and solids. I also included a second copy of each sheet that has missing parts the students must fill in.

• A 17 question quiz is included as well as an answer key.

• And finally a practice page for matching solids to their nets. Answer key is provided for this one as well.
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Created: Sep 7, 2015

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

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