Year 2 Block 2 Addition and Subtraction White Rose Planning and Resources Weeks 1-5 Whole unit  2018

I have updated the whole unit and added to the files but left the old planning and worksheets too. The new files have a 2018 prefix. I have added images from the NCETM addition and subtraction planning unit and adapted teaching and learning in light of how it went last year. There are 24 lessons in total which should take approximately 5 weeks to work through. All resources are included and clearly labelled.

I have combined all the weeks together for one bargain price!
The resource includes detailed planning for weeks 1-2 and week 3-5 - using the White Rose Small steps guidance.
It comes complete with all the resources referred to in the planning - differentiated worksheets and greater depth tasks. It also comes with all the slides needed to structure your lessons.
All files are saved as word and pdf - should you want to adapt to suit your school or class.
My flipcharts are created using Active Inspire but I believe that these can be converted to powerpoint/smartboard. (You should be able to import into your whiteboard software or can download the activinspire viewer.
I have also created some addition and subtraction mats. I would laminate these - and get the children to use the dienes practically with them. (The addition one will need enlarging to A3 - so that the dienes tens will fit in the spaces). I have also included addition to 20 mats. Again these need laminating and the children use counters on the ten frames . They can form part of the continuous provision on a challenge or busy table. I have also made ‘addition of three numbers’ mats. Again these have 3 ten frames on for the children to use counters to try to make ten.

This is a huge file with 52 pages of worksheets; 96 pages of flipcharts plus other useful resources!

I am using this with my year 2 class. We are in Leicestershire so I’m a few weeks ahead of most places. If I notice any mistakes or make any improvements - I will adapt the files. I work part time so have the time to produce detailed plans and it gives my non-maths specialist job share partner guidance on how to teach each objective.

*I’ve added my autumn targets baseline assessment. I gave pupils roughly 10 minutes to complete as much as they could. I gave them free access to number lines, rulers, bead strings dienes to work out the answers. I then used this to baseline and set their targets. It is my intention to test again after 2-3 weeks to check progress and then again after another 2-3 weeks.

* I have managed to save the flipcharts as pdfs if you are struggling to view them.

* As I’m working through, I’ve noticed a few errors so I’ve made a few small changes and corrected any errors - so you may want to download the new version of the worksheets (weeks 3-5).

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  • 2018-addition-and-subtraction-WEEK-1-AND-2.flipchart
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  • 2018-block-2-weeks-3-5-resources.docx
  • 2018-block-2-weeks-3-5-resources.pdf
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  • 2018-YEAR-2-BLOCK-2-WEKK-1-2-RESOURCES.pdf
  • 2018-addition-and-subtraction-part-1-wilf.pdf
  • 2018-addition-and-subtraction-part-1-wilf.docx
  • 2018-addition-and-subtraction-part-2-wilf.pdf
  • 2018-addition-and-subtraction-part-2-wilf.docx
  • 2018-Year-2-Block-2-Addition-and-subtraction-planning-tes.doc

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