Cosmic Classroom highlights: Tim Peake, space ping-pong and your Q&As

Heather Imrie



Over 400,000 pupils watch Tim Peake live on the ISS

The Cosmic Classroom live link on Tuesday 2 February saw over 400,000 children in primary and secondary schools in 58 countries around the world tune in to see British ESA astronaut Tim Peake answer questions, do demonstrations and show off his floating skills direct from the International Space Station.

Here at TES, we had a blast, but it wouldn’t have been successful without your involvement, so thank you so much for including your pupils!

Cosmic Classroom highlights

Dr Kevin Fong introduced the lesson and a follow-the-leader activity with 300 pupils at The World Museum in Liverpool, sharing the science behind the differences between the same action on Earth and in space.

We got a description of Tim's view from space, a demo of how to play ping-pong with water and we even got to see Tim's best Superman impression. You can see all the highlights clips on YouTube, as well as the full-length live link video on our Cosmic Classroom website.

Social media goes galactic

#CosmicClassroom was the most popular hashtag on Twitter and it trended in the UK for six hours!

There were 4,571 mentions of #CosmicClassroom on Twitter on the day, which reached 7.4 million users.

Did you manage to capture your class' participation in the Cosmic Classroom? You can still share your photos using the hashtag or tweet @tesResources.

Tim Peake answers your questions

In December, we put a call out for pupils to submit their questions to Tim by sending us a video message. We picked a selection of winning classes to come to watch the live Cosmic Classroom event in person.

There were 12 classes from different schools around the country at the museum on the day, and some pupils were lucky enough to ask Tim their question directly.

If you missed the magic of Tim answering students' questions from space, we've got a set of handy video links below for your viewing pleasure.

  1. What can you see out of your windows?
  2. Why doesn’t space have any gravity?
  3. Does your heart beat faster in space?
  4. Does your food have a stronger taste in space?
  5. Is it fun to drink water out of a bubble?
  6. Is there a possibility of a meteor or space junk hitting the ISS?
  7. What is your favourite button on the ISS and what does it do?
  8. What is your favourite experiment on the ISS?

Final word from Tim

We were blown away by how engaged pupils were by Tim's responses and demonstrations, so we thought only fitting to leave the closing words to him.

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