Easing pupils into secondary school life

Help younger pupils to make the leap from primary to secondary school life with these transition activities, ideal for the first few weeks of school

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Top transition resources to support your new tutor group as they get to grips with secondary school life

Dressed in uniforms two sizes too big, carrying oversized backpacks and with rabbit-in-the-headlight looks on their faces; this is most likely how you will recognise your new form group. As their form tutor, students will undoubtedly look to you for support during transition days, induction days and the first few weeks of term.

To help you prepare for your new form's arrival, we’ve selected some of the very best transition resources and icebreaker activities, designed to make them feel less overwhelmed from the start.

Transition activities

Welcome your tutor group with this well-structured booklet, which encourages teamwork, personal development and contains numerous activities to make form-time more productive. Then, quickly help learners get to know others with this all about me jigsaw activity, which can be proudly displayed in your tutor room.

Address the differences between primary and secondary school head-on with this changes check list so that learners can voice their questions, feelings and goals. Encourage a positive attitude with your group by working through this booklet, designed to build up self-esteem and promote acts of friendliness.


Form / tutor booklet KS3 transition year 7

Form / tutor booklet KS3 transition year 7

I made this booklet for my year 7 students as part of their transition process and to make use of form time in a productive way. It includes quizes and ideas to get them target setting and thinking about PLTS type skills I have adapted resources from two other booklets found here on TES so a bi...

Icebreaker games

Funny games, true-or-false statements and activities that involve questioning other students are simple ways to get your tutor group talking. Use this icebreaker resource pack, comprehensive list of icebreaker ideas or meet-your-class presentation to encourage them to use teamwork and listening skills to get to know one another.

Build persuasive communication skills with this Room 101 activity as individuals try to convince other members of their team to choose their own pet hate as the worst. By having to argue their corner, learners practise expressing their opinions and in turn, grow their confidence with a new group of people.


Getting to know you: ice breakers

Getting to know you: ice breakers

This resource pack contains everything you need to help break the ice with your students. This would be ideal for any new class whether they are just new to you or even new to each other! Although it is great for the start of the academic year, many of us deal with casual admissions and students who...
Tutor time transition days.

Tutor time transition days.

I have planned this to be used by our school for our vertical year 7/8 tutor groups. It is aiming to get pupils talking to each other, building their confidence and getting to know each other. There is a getting to know you kinaesthetic activity to start. Room 101 as the main activity in...

Settling-in tasks

Kick-start your first few weeks of tutor time with this series of activities, covering class contracts, how to overcome any concerns and a simple transition survey.

Get the class talking about the emotions of moving from primary to secondary school, and its impact on friendships, using this detailed resource pack, complete with a presentation and card-sorting exercise. Alternatively, explore transition through film with this handy guide, which lists examples of relatable characters as well as follow-up questions.

Feeling creative? Why not consider getting your pupils to write a survival guide for next year's intake? Finalise the settling-in process by letting them share their memories of first days and weeks, plus their newly-gained expertise of how secondary school works.


Year 7 Transition The Keys To Our School

Year 7 Transition The Keys To Our School

A series of activities for the first tutor times in September including class contracts, how to understand the timetable, attendance, equipment and overcoming worries. Includes a tutor booklet, certificate and transition survey
Into Film's Guide to Primary to Secondary transition

Into Film's Guide to Primary to Secondary transition

The move from Primary to Secondary school can seem a little overwhelming to students at first. New classes, new teachers, new people! That's why we've put together a Into Film guide to help with this transition, along with a series of activities and games. For more information on our resources ...
How to Survive Year 7 - Create A Guide
Mrs_C A

How to Survive Year 7 - Create A Guide

The PowerPoint can be used to introduce the activity through discussion, then it gives guidelines about what aspects of school to discuss in their guide. Students then need to work together (pairs/small groups) to create a Survival Guide for the next year 7 students. The skills used are: writing to ...