Embracing seasonal changes with your primary class

Nicola Davison
30th September 2016
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Themed lessons and activity ideas to help you to make the most of the autumn months

While summer may have come and gone all too quickly, the arrival of autumn provides countless learning opportunities for your primary pupils. Dive into this collection of hand-picked seasonal lesson ideas to ensure you engage your class right up until winter.

General resources

Introduce or recap the main signs of autumn with this simple presentation, which can be used in class or as part of an assembly. As the season progresses, build on this understanding by displaying and tracking daily changes in the weather on this interactive chart.

Ideal for an autumn-inspired role play area or a class display, this decorative writing paper comes in a variety of colourful designs.

KS1 resources

Support pupils as they practise adding to 20 with these autumn-styled printables*, including a handy progression chart. Or, use this short poem as a stimulus for encouraging pupils to write and add their own verses about the things they can see and hear in the playground at this time of year.

Why not talk a walk outside to get some inspiration for decorating these tree outlines? Pupils could make a collage from leaves they've collected, or use paint, pencils or chalk to create an autumnal atmosphere.

KS2 resources

Get started on an autumn topic with this taboo game, in which learners try to describe keywords without saying any of the forbidden terms. Then, move onto this sensory poetry lesson* and support students as they compose their own poem using differentiated resources.

Alternatively, explore how the Earth’s orbit causes seasons to occur with this complete lesson, including handy worksheets.

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