Embracing seasonal changes with your primary class

Autumn-themed lesson ideas and activities to support your primary pupils as they learn about seasonal changes

Nicola Davison

Autumn Trees Photographed By Primary-aged Children On A Nature Walk

Themed lessons and activity ideas to help you to make the most of the autumn months

While summer may have come and gone all too quickly, the arrival of autumn provides countless learning opportunities for your primary pupils. Dive into this collection of hand-picked seasonal lesson ideas to ensure you engage your class right up until winter.

General resources

Introduce or recap the main signs of autumn with this simple presentation, which can be used in class or as part of an assembly. As the season progresses, build on this understanding by tracking daily changes in the weather on this interactive chart.

If you're hoping to create an eye-catching display in your classroom, this header template is the perfect starting point. And why not make sure all work is fully on theme using this decorative writing paper in a variety of colourful designs?  

Interactive Weather Chart for the IWB

Interactive Weather Chart for the IWB

Bright and cheerful IWB display for focusing on the weather. Six themed slides (Autumn, Winter, Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer) with editable text boxes for Day, date and Month. Six bold animations for weather (sunny, windy, raining, snowing, cloud/sun, lightning) which are activated by triggers....

KS1 resources

Support pupils as they practise adding to 20 with these autumn-styled printables, including a handy progression chart. Or, use this short poem as a stimulus for encouraging pupils to write and add their own verses about the things they can see and hear in the playground at this time of year. To make sure they've got to grips with seasonal spellings, why not also distribute this themed word mat?

Take a walk outside to get some inspiration for decorating these tree outlines. Pupils could make a collage from leaves they've collected, or use paint, pencils or chalk to create an autumnal atmosphere.  

Mental Maths Addition to 20 Autumn Themed Pack
Apples of Gold

Mental Maths Addition to 20 Autumn Themed Pack

These Autumn styled printables are made to help your students revise/ learn addition to 20 facts. I have included a time section in each page. As the children progress and become quicker at their mental math additions, they will be able to see how they are progressing in their time. If you do not wi...
Trees - Tree Outlines

Trees - Tree Outlines

These tree outlines make a great base for adding autumn colour - use paint, turn it into a collage, you could even add real leaves! Bring the outdoors into your classroom with this inspiring activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.

KS2 resources

Get started on an autumn topic with this taboo game, in which learners try to describe keywords without saying any of the forbidden terms. Similarly, this autumnal word puzzle offers an ideal introduction to thematic vocabulary.

Move onto this sensory poetry lesson and support students as they compose their own poem using differentiated resources.  

Autumn taboo game

Autumn taboo game

This is an Autumn themed version of the game, although I have other versions available aswell. There are different ways of playing this game. This is how I play it. I choose one child to come to front of class. They have their back to IWB. The rest of class have to describe the thing in red to them,...
Glorious Autumn! ( Thematic Boggle + solutions )

Glorious Autumn! ( Thematic Boggle + solutions )

Another five minute filler for teachers. Embedded in this puzzle are ten words associated with Autumn and 100 other general vocabulary words. Full instructions, templates in colour and in black and white, a thematic vocabulary and an answer key are included. If you were one of the first 8 peo...
English - Poetry - Autumn Senses Poem

English - Poetry - Autumn Senses Poem

A whole lesson to support students in planning and composing their own autumn senses poem. Differentiated resources and a range of activities to support all learners. Whole lesson: Starter including example poems Differentiated writing frames Photo stimuli Shared writing activity Writ...