Engaging reading ideas for EYFS

Sian Evans
02nd February 2017
EYFS student using great reading resource

Fun activities and games to encourage young learners to explore well-known stories and practise fundamental reading skills

Introducing EYFS classes to the joy of reading is essential in encouraging an early engagement with books, as well as confidence in both reading and writing on their own.  

With World Book Day less than a month away, we’ve hand-picked a selection of captivating resources to inspire pupils to take an interest in stories and build up their knowledge of everyday words.

Story-related activities

Explore the world of fairy tales with this matching activity, in which pupils couple thoughtful questions with the relevant character. Or, inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this collecting board game is ideal for prompting discussion about the important objects in the story. 

Spend more time thinking about Paddington Bear after reading the story with this follow-up literacy plan, full of creative ideas to further engage learners with their furry hero. 

Alternatively, this simple presentation about Jane Hissey’s Old Bear gets students reflecting on how the toys worked together as a team and imagining how Old Bear felt.  

Questions for Traditional Tale Characters

A matching activity where children read the questions and match them to pictures of traditional tale characters. A good intro to question writing and could be used for hot seating.
By wannabeagoodteacher

Goldilocks collecting board game

Full colour pdf. Collect all the items from the story. Plenty of opportunity for discussion about the story. Full instructions included. I have made this one all A4 - the board is on two sheets that need to be joined together. I do have it with the game board all on A3 for those who prefer it that way - email bevevans22@aol.com.

By bevevans22

Paddington Bear Literacy For EYFS

This is a literacy plan that I developed with my class based on their interests and wishes after reading Paddington Bear (which they loved!). There's lots of ideas that you could use for this story. For more (free) resources, ideas, ponderings please check out my website www.imagicate.wordpress.com
By Gee Eleanor

Old Bear by Jane Hissey, characters

Simple slides showing the characters in the story, asking children to imagine how Old Bear feels and encouraging them to think about how the toys work together as a team. Activity sheets now added.
By sarahunderwood

Reading practice

Familiarise your class with the keywords they need to talk, read and write about transport and toys with help from these illustrated flashcards. To get them practising sounding out CVC words, this rhyming eggs activity also introduces the concept of rhyme. 

Challenge young pupils to read the high frequency words on the treasure or risk walking the plank with this pirate-themed presentation. Finally, even reluctant learners will enjoy playing this editable snakes and ladders game, in which reading a word correctly will let them move up the ladder and closer to winning!

Keyword Reading Flashcards - Transport and Toy Themes

Useful Literacy Resource: 2 pdf files with coloured flashcards, Set 1: Trucks, Set 2: Teddy Bears, Sassoon Infant font throughout. Could be printed off twice for a matching activity. Reception Keywords but could be used elsewhere; blank cards included so other words can be added if desired.</p>
By bevevans22

Phase 3 CVC rhyming eggs

Activity: Stick the yolks into empty egg cartons. Children then pick up the eggs, read them and match them to the rhyming yolks. Adapted from an idea I have seen on Pinterest!
By alrightmebabbers

Walk the plank game for phonics

Challenge your children to read the treasure or walk the plank!
By fseyrwest

Reading snakes and ladders

currently including words from my reading scheme I use this for the children on IEP's. Play as you would any snakes and ladders game, when they land on a word they have to read it, if they can't the go down the snake, if they can they move up the ladder. The words are easily changed to fit your needs.
By Lucy Bennett 84

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