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16th January 2020
GCSE Maths Revision

Help GCSE maths students tackle revision with confidence using this fantastic collection of revision resources taken from our GCSE revision collection

With exams right around the corner, it's now time for students to start thinking about taking charge of their own revision. To ensure your pupils don't get off on the wrong foot, we’ve gathered a range of supportive resources to help them seamlessly transition from structured revision in the classroom to meaningful study at home, all of which can be found in our GCSE and iGCSE revision collection.

Exam practice

Algebra | Grade 8/9 target New 9-1 GCSE Maths

This pack contains 48 exam style question cards covering the curriculum for the top grades of the new (9-1) GCSE in algebra written for students aiming for grades 8 and 9.

Topics included are as follows:

*Rearranging Equations - 2 cards
*Expanding Binomials - 3 cards
*Algebraic Fractions - 4 cards
*Algebraic Proof - 5 cards
*Quadratic Equations including Completing the Square and Factorising where the x^2 coefficient is greater than one - 8 cards
*Sequences including Quadratic Sequences - 5 cards
*Geometric Sequences - 4 cards
*Quadratic Inequalities - 5 cards
*Simultaneous Equations involving Quadratics and the Circle Equation - 3 cards
*Functions - 4 cards
*Iterative Methods - 5 cards

The design of a card means you can use these in a variety of ways in your classroom; as a starter or a plenary, as extension work, as homework or as a revision tool. An answer key is included. As is a handy student answer sheet where students can pit their answers, allowing for the cards to be reused.

We also have available our grade 6/7 target algebra gcse cards.

This is available as part of a bundle with graphs, geometry, number and statistics, all aimed at grades 8/9.
By LittleStreams

Maths Grade 7, 8 and 9 Booster Questions - Book 1 Question 1-50

3 version of this are included full version, condensed version with out space for answers to save on photocopying, condensed version with out links to answers.

The GCSE maths is divided in to five different topics, there will be a different number of questions (or parts of questions) depending on the topic. The different number of questions in each section in this book reflects the exam.

15% Number 8 questions
20% Ratio, Proportion and Rate of Change . 10 questions
30% Algebra 15 questions
15% Statistics and Probability 7 questions
20% Geometry and Measure 10 questions

This book is not designed as a text book or revision guide, but as a workbook. There are lots of good (and bad) expensive and free revision guides out there, on my YouTube channel and other great websites. So, there is no point in me adding to the masses.

All the teaching, all the new content and fully worked answers, is available for free on my YouTube channel, this book is for you to practice and learn. The best way to approach this is to watch the teaching video and make notes, or after class try a section and check the answers.

Any corrections that are needed after the book is published will be listed on my website, www.primrosekitten.com these will be corrected in the next version of the book
By pkScienceAndMaths

GCSE 9-1 Maths Revision- Higher Extension Revision Pack With Solutions- Target Grade 8/9

A pack of 5 Revision sheets/tests for the new Higher GCSE 9-1. This pack is aimed at those targeting the higher grades 8/9.

Each one contains 20 different questions based on the specifications for the new GCSE, all fitted onto one double sided A4 sheet. Great for keeping photocopying down whilst practicing loads of exam style questions!

Topics covered include those new to the Higher curriculum, and are aimed at students targeting grade 8/9. Worked Solutions are also included.

There is a record sheet (which can be used as a revision list) for each pupil to record their score after each attempt and try to beat it the next time! Each worksheet has similar questions & key skills but with new examples each time in order for students to build confidence, fluency, and consolidate their learning.

Answers for all questions are provided, ideal for revision. (PDF files)

** UPDATED 22/03/17 to include extra challenge questions!***

By ambowers2

Exam questions- Direct and inverse proportion

Exam questions on direct and indirect proportion compiled into a double sided worksheet to help with the photocopying crunch!

By Clover26

Student-led revision 

GCSE Maths 9-1 Revision Masters

We used these as homework for Year 11 covering a half term. New topic Masters aim to get higher paper pupils familiar with some of the new topics and new style of questioning on the new GCSE. Higher/Foundation Masters are aimed at all students to become more confident in some of the cross over topics. Foundation Masters aimed at foundation paper pupils to gain more confidence in number work and money problems. I found that it worked best printed on one A4 sheet for students to stick at the back of their books and leave a page for their workings. The tracker is useful for pupils and teachers to track progress. Created for students sitting AQA specification in 2017.
By Michael Craven

GCSE revision checklists

Here is a "mind map" of all of the gcse topics students need to know for the GCSE maths exam.

There is a foundation and higher version.

(For an editable version visit my website! https://www.missbanks.co.uk/revision-checklists)
By Alison Banks

Maths 5-a-day Worksheet Creator

Ideal revision for GCSE Foundation Maths, these worksheets require students to complete five questions each day (Monday to Saturday). Topics covered include fractions, decimals, percentages, factors, multiples, negative numbers, rounding, powers and ratio.

You will receive an TWO excel spreadsheets that will randomly generate a set of questions for you to print, differentiated by GCSE grade (2/3 and 4). Please take a look at the video below (or use link https://youtu.be/vTJgJhxnh4I) to see how to generate new questions.

Also included are examples of the worksheets generated from this file.

To print worksheets: In print options, set the margins to narrow and select the entire workbook to print.
By RosellasRoom

Venn Diagrams Worksheets for GCSE 9-1 Maths

A set of worksheets covering all of the required Venn Diagrams topic for the new GCSE 9-1 Maths syllabus.

- Shading sections of Venn Diagrams based on set notation
- Finding probabilities from Venn Diagrams
- Completing Venn Diagrams from given information
- Conditional probability with Venn Diagrams
- Identifying exhaustive, mutually exclusive and independent pairs of events from Venn Diagrams

These worksheets match perfectly with our interactive teaching tools at MathsPad. The first one is free and can be found at www.MathsPad.co.uk.
By MathspadUK

Teacher-led revision

GCSE 1-9 higher revision booklet

There are 20 set of 9 questions, one a lesson in the build up to the exams, with a mixture of every topic in the new GCSE 1-9 higher exam. Perfect for revision as every topic is covered multiple times.
The 9 questions are split up into three sections;
Set A: Questions anyone, doing higher, should get full marks on but often make mistakes on
Set B: The old style grade A questions
Set C: The more challenging grade 8/9 questions
I have also included 18 investigation style exam questions at the back.

By Adam Jones

GCSE Maths Pub Quiz (Grades 4-5)

A revision activity in the style of a pub quiz, ideal for an end of term lesson.

The quiz can be displayed on the board and consists of four different rounds, covering a variety of topics aimed at grades 4-5.

We've included a printable answer sheet for students, as well as full instructions and solutions.

Get our GCSE Maths Pub Quiz for grades 1-3!

Get our GCSE Maths Pub Quiz for grades 6-9!
By SimplyEffectiveEducation

Revision Races - Revision Aid - GCSE

In these GCSE worksheets there are two revision races, aimed at different grades. The teams start with the picture and the first question. When they have shown the answer they are given the next question and so on. I wrote them for module 5 revision, so mostly Algebra and shape questions.
By alipon

Higher GCSE Revision Workouts

Two revision activities for Higher GCSE students (designed for students working at Grades 6 - 8). Students work through the questions on the sheet to revise facts and procedures for a range of topics. This is very ‘print budget friendly’, with a single side of A4 providing enough questions to fill a whole lesson (expect it to take around 45 minutes).

There are two versions: calculator and non-calculator. The non-calculator version was written by @Adam_SmithMaths and tweaked by me. I wrote the calculator version.

If you find any errors please let me know (@mathsjem).

Foundation version here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/foundation-maths-gcse-revision-workout-12121781

By Jo Morgan

Knowledge organisers

Knowledge organiser Unit 2F Intorduction to Algebra

I wrote this having been inspired by a twilight INSET at my school promoting the benefits of low stakes quizzes and knowledge organisers. This is how i used it with my year 9 foundation group.
At the beginning of the unit i gave everyone an A4 colour copy of the knowledge organsier. Every lesson i referred to this page and talked through the previous lesson and,also, where we are going in todays journey. After i had introduced all topics, we spent the next few lessons working through the mini-tests to ensure as much fluency as i could muster!
Having used them, i think the biggest drawback was that students were reliant on this sheet and i should have demanded students spend time re-producing the important elements of this knowledge organiser so they could recall the information for themselves.
I also felt that the questions became progressively more difficult and this thwarted fluency a little, especially for my weaker students.
There’s always next time …

Please let me know how you use this resource and any suggestions on how it can be improved. Please contact me using my twitter handle @billyads_47

By Billyads_47

GCSE revision checklists

Here is a "mind map" of all of the gcse topics students need to know for the GCSE maths exam.

There is a foundation and higher version.

(For an editable version visit my website! https://www.missbanks.co.uk/revision-checklists)
By Alison Banks

Area & Perimeter - Knowledge Organiser

One A4 page Knowledge Organiser including Need-to-Know facts, Keywords, Exam Question, MathsWatch clip numbers, Worksheet links and Curriculum Flowchart.

Aimed at KS4 students. Especially for schools who are using a knowledge based curriculum.

Updated July 2018

By CapeTownTeacher

Selection of Maths Revision Learning Mats covering lower-end Higher Topics

12 separate worksheets which focus on the lower end of the higher specification. Sheets are best used when photocopied up to A3. Topics are revised through a selection of created questions, and past exam questions.

Appropriate for Year 10 and 11 Set 2 and 3.
By Dan Scovell

Revision games

Maths revision: Geometry jeopardy - game

Jeopardy designed as a revision aid for Edexcel unit 2 foundation exam covering key topics.
By missjojostm

Fraction Bingo! Revision or introduction game.

This resource comes with ten different fraction bingo cards and a set of rules and tips. This game can be used to revise/practice fraction reduction, fraction addition and subtraction, fraction multiplication or fraction devision.
The fractions on the bingo card are visually represented and all in lowest terms. This is a great resource for any age!

By soxsones2

GCSE Maths: Angles Revision materials

This is a power point resource for angle revision
By clairemooneyuk@yahoo

Maths Revision Mat: Algebra

Please use this mat as a revision game to play in groups in the classroom. This should be printed on A3 paper and laminated so that it can be re-used. This means that students can write their initials on their square instead of using counters. The way the game is played can be manipulated. However, the main instructions are as follows (also included on sheet):

Roll Two Die to Create a Co-ordinate. Place your coloured counter on the square that the roll corresponds to. If answer is correct, receive points as follows:
Points: Red squares are worth 1, Yellow squares score 2 points, and Green squares score 5 points
Grades: Red squares are 4/5 Grade, Yellow squares and 6/7 Grade and Green Squares and 8/9 Grade answers

Please use a great revision resource for group work. Please also leave any feedback for future revision mats and how to improve them.

By 14bensona

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