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Primary teaching support for the Huge History Lesson

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Have you heard about the Huge History Lesson competition that launches today? We would love for you and your class to get involved, so we’ve pulled together some of the best resources for teaching historical enquiry skills at primary. Even better, these resources can be easily adapted to suit your current or upcoming unit of work. 

Find inspiration for the object-led enquiry competition via Teaching history with 100 objects and support students with their entries using this explanatory guide.

If you have any questions about the competition, or how to tackle object-led historical enquiry, do get in touch.

Observing and analysing history

This short teacher guide contains handy hints on how to observe, describe and record findings from the investigation of an object, while this simple poster reminds students of the important question starters to consider when analysing an object or source. Why not use it as the centrepiece of a classroom display on enquiry skills? 

Whether your pupils are taking on the role of archaeologist in their own dig or sitting at their desks, this Ancient Egyptian artefact sheet is a great starting point for recording observation notes. For younger students, these differentiated writing frames allow students of all abilities to access, analyse and draw their own conclusions about a variety of objects from the turn of the last century.  

Find out how well your students are analysing sources and applying their existing knowledge with this Victorian assessment activity on child labour, which can also be adapted to suit other topics. 

Investigating and interpreting history

Help learners to understand how the past is represented through objects by teaching them how to discriminate between fact and opinion and consider alternative interpretations with these differentiated history detectives activities. Pupils learn to gather relevant background information and make comparisons between the evidence given to create a detailed profile of Jack the Ripper in this whole class investigation

Armed with some well-prepared flash cards and a board game, this Teachers TV video shows you how to teach your students to ask searching questions and understand the concepts of differing interpretations and source reliability. 

Encourage pupils to form and present their own conclusions about the death of the curious Tollund Man, famously found preserved in a peat bog in Denmark, in this engaging lesson.

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Don't forget, for guidance on supporting pupils in completing their entry for the competition, see the Huge History Lesson website and this step-by-step student guide for more details.

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