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Help your PE students with this selection of resources to improve technique and written responses

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PE is a subject of two halves. While some of your students need help perfecting a specific technique in practical lessons, others will require assistance when demonstrating their knowledge on paper.

To ensure that all learners are offered the support they need, we have gathered a selection of resources that are designed to guide your students to reach their potential.

Visualising good technique

Develop budding footballers’ passing technique with this colourful step-by-step guide, which covers the key skills required and suggestions for increasing difficulty.

Or, how about inspiring learners to improve their dodging technique on the netball court by referring to these easy-to-understand teaching points?

Alternatively, inspire your students to reach for the skies with these high jump flashcards. They explain how to do the perfect scissor kick and Fosbury Flop by breaking down the moves into clear steps with annotated pictures.

Supporting written work

Use this selection of information sheets, containing keywords and helpful definitions for each topic, as prompts for your GCSE classes when they are completing written assignments.

Overcome the worry about six-mark questions with these detailed frameworks*. Created for a variety of topic areas, learners are encouraged to tick off criteria on the page as they achieve them in their writing. 

Finally, prepare older learners to effectively answer 12-mark questions and understand exactly what is required of them with these differentiated templates*.

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Visualising good technique

Supporting written work

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Netball dodging techniques

High jump flashcards

Information sheets

Six-mark question frameworks*

Differentiated 12-mark question templates*

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