Inspirational Steam ideas for primary

Promote enquiry with these Stem and Stem resources for KS1 and KS2, including challenges and investigations

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Primary students using steam resources in a lesson

Creative challenges and tricky investigations designed to promote enquiry

It's always worth making the time to try out some Stem and Steam challenges with your class. And why wouldn't you? Not only do these projects give learners a chance to stretch themselves, but they also encourage critical thinking and team work.

To help you get started, we’ve hand-picked a collection of innovative activities that will test learners’ skills, while injecting some cross-curricular fun into the classroom.

The Three Little Pigs STEM Challenge
Miranda Pemberton

The Three Little Pigs STEM Challenge

This Three Little Pigs STEM challenge is perfect to engage your little scientists during a topic on traditional tales. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) investigations give children an opportunity for hands-on, open-ended, collaborative exploration. Pack includes: \- Student...
Egg Drop Challenge
Carl Farrant

Egg Drop Challenge

A PowerPoint and resource, order form sheet to give the children the task of designing and creating a structure than can hold an egg and protect it from a 3 metre drop. Children are also given a budget and will have to manage their finances accordingly. This was completed as part of a Parent's E...
Flowers - Rainbow Daffodils Experiment

Flowers - Rainbow Daffodils Experiment

This arty experiment shows how plants use 'capillary action&' to take water up their stems to the petals. Keep a diary so that you can compare the results you get with different colours over a few days. How about trying to make a rainbow of flowers? You can mix different food colouring together ...
Magnetic Maze - Science Museum STEM Activity
Science Museum Learning

Magnetic Maze - Science Museum STEM Activity

This activity from the Science Museum provides a fun way to explore magnetism. It involves the simple task of using a magnet to guide a coin through a maze drawn on the side of a plastic bottle. There is plenty of opportunity to think about and talk about how magnetism works, and why magnets only at...