Primary English: Poetry

Sian Evans
14th March 2018
Letters and books representing primary poetry lessons for KS1 and KS2 students

Delve into the imaginative world of poetry and encourage students to write their own with these engaging activities

Poetry is often viewed as a love it or loathe it topic, but it is one that pupils will need to engage with throughout their school careers. From the outset, it is important to present a positive view of poetry and find interesting ways for learners to engage with text that they might not fully understand. Here are just a few ideas to make that possible…

Whole school planning and activities

Looking for new, well thought out ways of approaching poetry lessons? Suitable for all ages, these comprehensive packs of planning, activities and supportive materials are a great starting point for any investigation into poetry.


Poetry Planning Bundle

This bundle contains units of work for poetry for KS1 and KS2
By KS2History

Poetry Train

Poetry Train is a teachers pack of activities, poems and advice for teaching poetry in primary schools. David Harmer and Roger Stevens share proven approaches for use in the classroom, based on brilliant poems by top poets such as Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay.
By The Poetry Society

Spring Writing and Poetry Pack (KS1/KS2)

Students will love this Spring Writing and Poetry Pack
Included in this 26 page NO PREP needed resource:

Lots of Spring Writing
Cinquain and Quatrain Spring Poetry
Spring Sensory Poem Template
Spring Topic Word Template (students can choose Spring Words to research and/or learn for a Spelling Test)
Spring Writing Tasks
Spring Creative Writing Worksheets
Compare and Contrast (seasonal task)
Brainstorming Templates
2 Differentiated Spring Poems for analysis

Your students will love these worksheets and so will you! No prep needed- just print and use!

Check out the preview!

For more Spring related resources. Check out the links below!

Spring Story Starters and Task Cards

Spring Creative Writing Pack

By PollyPuddleduck

Types of Poem posters

A4 posters showing examples of different types of poems/poetry elements and explaining them simply.
By bevevans22

KS1 resources

Capture young learners’ imaginations with these easy-to-access routes into poetry, from well-loved classics to original creations.


Poetry, Reading and Writing KS1

A fun start with these fun activities for emergent readers and writers in KS1. The powerpoint can be used to model reading and writing to the whole class and the pdf file can be printed off as individual worksheets.
Poetry for Fun......animal poems with comprehension, drawing and writing activities, writing an animal poem and a New Year poem
Reading for Fun.....animal stories with comprehension and grammar activities including rhyming, words and meanings and plurals
Writing for fun....includes a story plan, writing a story, a letter, a description and a checklist
By teachercellar

Silly Dinosaur Poem Year 1

Differentiated worksheets and a powerpoint about rhyming couplets.
By Els18

Poem worksheets

4 poems on different themes for the children to change and make up an alternative. Suitable for year 1 and 2.

By loretolady


A very detailed plan for a year 2 week on the classic poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. Learning objectives are taken directly from the Y2 curriculum and every day includes layered success criteria. Each day comes with resources that can be used across the class with scope for differentiation. There is a checklist for the hot writing task to be completed on Friday. This will enable you to assess each child accurately and this task will provide a range of evidence towards to year 2 interim writing framework. You can pick up this plan and just start teaching - there will be nothing to do except photocopying!
By GemmaReynolds

KS2 resources

Introduce students to the different styles of poetry and the way individual words are used to create emotion as the start of in-depth analysis with help from these lesson activities.


Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Poetry Lessons and Activities

This is my best selling resource and is a set of lessons and activities for KS2 poetry work. These would also be ideal for use around National Poetry Day or World Poetry Day.

The lessons are based on 'Revolting Rhymes' by Roald Dahl. All lesson resources, differentiated activities and planning are provided as part of the pack.

I have used this pack for a week of activities linked to Revolting Rhymes, as well as for a one-off lesson on Poetry Day. It could also be used for a set of guided reading activities.

The teaching PowerPoint contains some background and introduction, as well as examples for modelling and discussing each independent task. The PowerPoint and the task sheets are provided in Word and pdf format.

There are 5 independent activities, so the pack can be used for a whole week or just for 1 or 2 lessons. Focus can also be on one of the Rhymes or on all six, depending on your requirements.

The flexibility of the lessons and the entertaining nature of the text means that I have been able to use this pack in Years 4 to 6, but it can also be easily adapted for younger children.

Please note: some video links are included in the sessions, which should always be assessed for suitability prior to use! Also, as is well known, Cinderella is called a 'slut' at one point, so be prepared!

*Teacher PowerPoint presentation
*5 independent task sheets for support or structure
*Challenge tasks are built into the PowerPoint slides
*Full planning grid, linked to English curriculum

Please see the Goldtopfox shop for more helpful English and general teaching resources:
By goldtopfox

English - Poetry - Summer Senses Poem

A whole lesson to support students in planning and composing their own summer senses poem. Differentiated resources and a range of activities to support all learners.

Ideal for supporting SEN pupils in the writing of a summer senses poem.
This resource would be a great activity for the end of term.
A great way to introduce poetry to KS1 or SEN learners.

Whole lesson:
Starter including example poems
Differentiated writing frames
Shared writing activity
Differentiated resources
Peer feedback opportunity
Teacher notes / lesson plan
By AcornTeachingResources

Poetry - calligrams and shape poem resources

I have attached all the resources I could find for my uploaded plan on shape poetry and calligrams. Alot of you have asked for them, so here they are.
By kym131218

Haiku Poems

I used this for a bottom set Yr 7 class but it was based around a Year 4 lesson which my sister taught. It was used for an interview lesson and I got the job so must have been ok :D Please feel free to comment on this lesson, all comments gladly recieved as this is my first post. Enjoy.
By jmunnelly

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