Resources to revitalise your role-play area

Freya Smith
04th January 2017
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Make the most of your role-play area with this selection of colourful display packs and engaging activities

Learning through play is crucial to children’s cognitive development. It enables young learners to create stories, to interact and build relationships through verbal and non-verbal communication and to practise empathy by assuming a variety of roles and responsibilities. It also happens to be great fun!

We’ve cherry-picked the following resources to help you establish a flourishing role-play area in your early years classroom.

Setting up role-play areas

Find out how you can create a stimulating and inviting role-play corner by watching this informative video. It offers advice on planning different areas and ways in which curriculum topics can stimulate natural play.

This continuous provision plan recommends a selection of activities to keep pupils engaged in line with key learning objectives, while these idea cards provide a wealth of setting and prop suggestions for mini-dramas.

Re-enacting everyday activities

Inspire students to replicate life in their local areas with this extensive retail-themed role-play pack*, which includes a gym, a shoe shop and two restaurants.

Alternatively, prompt learners to think about people who care for others in the community by using this hospital display pack to take on the role of doctors, or this animal-themed display as they pretend to be vets.

Encouraging more imaginative play

You might consider taking children outside to explore natural habitats and spaces; explore new role-play opportunities by trying one of these innovative outdoor ideas.

Or, reach for the stars and take pupils on a trip to distant planets with these outer space-themed role-play signs.

Finally, why not offer your class the opportunity to direct and produce a drama by putting on a puppet show, complete with tickets, start time displays and promotional posters.

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This post was originally published on 23 October 2015, and was refreshed on 4 January 2017.

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