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Erica Magnusson
23rd August 2017
A group of female high school students by their lockers at the start of the year

Kick off the new year with these specially selected behavior management ideas and bell-ringer activities

Setting high expectations on the first day of school is essential for creating a collaborative learning environment that will last all year long. So, to make sure that your teacher toolkit is brimming with inspirational classroom management ideas, we've hand-picked the very best back-to-school resources to get you started. 

Classroom management resources

Set high expectations for your students and make sure that you are consistently enforcing them with this ready-to-use behavior tracker, in which you can spot patterns and gather information to communicate to parents. If things aren't going to plan, take advantage of these classroom management warning cards, which will allow you to correct a behavior without embarrassing the student or letting it escalate. 

As effective classroom management is based on relationships, why not use this highly engaging ice-breaker resource at the start of term and throughout the year? And at times, the best thing you can do for some drama-filled high school classrooms is to calm down any unexpected situations by introducing a feeling of zen with help from this mindfulness course.


Classroom Management Behavior Tracker

Easy to use positive behavior intervention support (PBIS) / classroom management tool that allows teachers to document student behavior performance from anywhere in the classroom and make notes for future reference. Download the preview to see how easy this resource is to use!
By Teaching With Owls

Classroom Management Warning Cards

Behavior Management Warning Cards. Classroom management tool.. Slip quietly on a desk and don't stop teaching! Be prepared for the beginning of the year or anytime you need a behavior plan. Explain to your students when they come back to school at the beginning of the year that you will expect them to follow your classroom expectations. Give them examples of positive and negative behaviors Tell them that once you give a verbal warning, you expect the behavior to stop. If it does not, and you have to address the issue again, they will quietly, without disrupting instruction, be given a behavior warning card. Just put it on their desk and don't stop teaching! They must sign it, date it, and write the behavior they are being warned about on the back and return it to you. You keep the card for documentation, which is useful for parent conferences or in the event of an office referral. Includes a plain set without name and date if you wish to use repeatedly without documentation. Includes cards with place for name and date, blank cards with a line to write on that you can customize, Last Chance cards, Stop! cards, and Oops! cards...which you can use as you choose. Enjoy! - HappyEdugator
By Happyedugator

Hypothetical Visual Prompts and Ice Breakers

Following the wild popularity of the Visual Writing Prompts Bundle comes **HYPOTHETICAL VISUAL ICE BREAKERS AND OPINION PROMPTS.**

Another evergreen and versatile resource with proven success with struggling or reluctant writers as well as being an excellent icebreaker for students and staff.

Everything is completely editable and absolutely ""NO PREP REQUIRED""

What you get
- Over 101 amazing photos each accompanied by a highly engaging hypothetical question for you to ponder.
- Advice and resources for students and teachers about maximising the bundles use in literacy other areas fo the curriculum.
- Teaching and assessment resources tailored to hypothetical questions.

The resource is broken into 5 unique areas
- What If?
- Icebreakers
- Would you rather?
- Hmmm??? That's a tough one
- Tough questions for young adults.

This resource is ever expanding, and as such you will receive all future upgrade for free.


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110 Reading Activities Bundle
By Innovativeteachingideas


Even if your students groan when you first introduce them, we know the stability and independence that comes with using bell-ringers is worth the initial uphill struggle. These are particularly handy in language lessons, as with the Spanish warm-ups in this colourful presentation and these English language activity sheets.

Get minds working hard from the second students enter the room with this collection of challenging riddles, suitable for the start of any lesson. Alternatively, encourage a more positive atmosphere by sharing these motivational quotes with your class.


Spanish 2 Warm-ups & Bell Ringers: 105

This is a powerpoint of 105 Spanish 2 warm-ups (bell ringers, bell work, etc) that cover a variety of topics. There is a Table of Contents at the beginning with hyperlinks to the topics in the powerpoint to prevent too much scrolling. Slides are grouped and color-coded by topic to make them easy to find. Each slide has 4-6 questions on it in different formats.

Formats of warm-ups:
questions to answer
fill in the blank
categorizing words
write out the words
multiple choice
translate to Spanish
translate to English

Spanish 1 Review
Reflexive Verbs
Present Progressive
Ser vs Estar
Possessive & Demonstrative Adjectives
Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns
Affirmative & Negative Tu Commands
Preterite vs Imperfect
Open-ended Questions

The powerpoint is saved as both .ppt and .pptx.
By Miss Senorita

Mentor Sentences Daily Practice Bell Ringers

This listing includes 10 weeks of bell ringers that will help your students practice the four basic sentence types: Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex as well as dialogue, author/text references, subject-verb agreement, and possessive apostrophes.

Why use mentor sentences? We’ve all done it. We write a horribly constructed sentence and then ask students to fix the mistakes. This works if students know what good writing looks like, but many of my students do not know what good writing looks like, so I have made it my mission to show them.

Now, instead of working with incorrect sentences, my students read properly written sentences, “notice” or make observations about those sentences, imitate the sentences, and then find examples in their own reading.

Over the last two years, my students have become better writers and better readers.

**The great thing about purchasing now is that this is a growing bundle. I have over 20 weeks of bellringers planned. As I add new sets, you'll receive them at no extra charge (just check your 'purchase' page on TPT).

Here's what I have in the works:

Appositive phrases
Items in a list
it’s vs. its
who’s vs. whose
affect vs. effect
there vs. they’re vs. their
parallel structure
pronoun antecedent

And more!!

**Each week has a cover page and then daily assignments to guide them through the different sentence types. This will make your bell ringer process easy and create routine and structure.

Grab these bell ringers now and lock them in for a great price!

Over 45 pages already included.
By EnglishTeacherMom

BELL RINGERS: RIDDLE OF THE DAY (40 challenging riddles for teens)

Riddles are a great and challenging bell ringer especially for middle and high school students. All the riddle in this package are of medium difficulty and include keys. These riddle bell ringers can be used both as openers or as finishers of your lessons.


This resource includes 40 slides each with a different riddle. All slides have a similar design but they all present different backgrounds, colors, fonts and frames.

They are great as bell ringers or class finishers. Ask your students to copy them on their notebook and discuss in pairs or think about them on their own.

1. Preview
2. Cover page
3. Terms of Use
4. Instructions
5-84. Riddles
85. Credits


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By nana82

BELL RINGERS: QUOTE OF THE DAY (40 motivational quotes for teens)

Quote of the day is a great and powerful bell ringer especially for middle and high school students. All the quotes in this package are meant to inspire and motivate your students. These quotes can be used both as openers or as finishers of your lessons and can even bring to long discussion.


This resource inclues 40 slides with a different quote. All slide have a similar design but they all present different photos, backgrounds, colors and frames.

They are great as bell ringers or class finishers. Ask your students to copy them on their notebook and think about them.

They are all meant to motivate and inspire them.

1. Peview
2. Cover page
3. Terms of Use
4. Instructions
5-44. Quote of the day
45. Credits


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By nana82

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