Teaching slavery and the British empire in history

Slavery and British Empire lessons, worksheets and schemes of work for KS3 and KS4 secondary history students

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Slavery & British Empire Lessons

Whole lessons, activities and schemes of work to support your teachings of the British empire and slavery

The origins, rise and decline of the British empire is a popular topic in KS3 history, and under the new GCSE specifications now also appears in some KS4 curriculums. Similarly, slavery, born from the roots of the British empire is one of the most gripping and emotive topics taught as part of our KS3 history curriculum.

Exploring our nations cultural heritage and the legacy of the British empire - both positive and negative -is of great significance to young learners living in a multicultural society and to support you in teaching these two fascinating and sensitive topics, we have put together a collection of the best resources covering popular lessons from within each scheme of learning.