TES Maths featured author collection

TES Maths collection: Featured author, Dr Frost

Craig Barton

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Teaching is a unique profession. I can’t think of any other job where a person would spend hours and hours creating something amazing to make their lives easier, and then feel compelled to share it with the rest of their profession, with no expectation of reward. Teachers who share their work on TES are my heroes – for years they have been saving me time, improving my lessons, giving me inspiration, and helping my students reach their potential.

For this month’s collection, I wanted to showcase a sample of the work of one particular teacher whose name may be unfamiliar to some of you – Dr Frost.

Quite simply, his lessons and activities are brilliant. They are clearly laid out, contain examples, notes, questions and answers, and cover pretty much everything from key stage 3 right up to further maths A-level. They are all PowerPoint presentations or Word documents, so can be adapted, edited and merged with your existing lessons. Our students and teachers are currently Dr Frost mad!

So, thank you Dr Frost, and thank you to all who share. You help make TES what it is.

Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser

Key Stage 3: Negative numbers

Coverage of the four operations with negative numbers, including suggestions for deriving the relationships, skill-based questions, and brain-teasers from past maths challenges.

Key Stage 3: Advanced sequences

Get your Year 9 and 10 students ready for the new GCSE with this look at non-linear sequences. By 2017, students will be taking on the delights of quadratics and Fibonacci sequences, so give them a taster of what is to come with this excellent lesson.

GCSE maths: Transformations of graphs

Perfect for Year 11, this resource includes a PowerPoint presentation, worksheet and assessment on the tricky topic of transformation of functions.

GCSE maths: Probability

This series of lessons covers the entire content needed for higher tier probability. There are examples and practice exam questions, all with beautifully presented answers at the click of a button. Ideal for revision or to introduce the topic.

A-level maths: Core 3 – functions

Completing our trip through the key stages, here is an incredibly comprehensive coverage of the tricky Core 3 topic of functions, once again packed full of graphical goodness!

A-level maths: Further complex numbers

It can be very difficult to find high quality lessons for the further maths syllabus. But fear not – Dr Frost is here with lessons for all of the further pure module, including this one on complex numbers.

Navigating your Casio calculator

Incorrect calculator use can cost students an incalculable number of marks! Help them get to grips with this important instrument using this interactive guide.

Sherlocked: Transformations

Ideal for the interactive whiteboard, this activity allows students to choose one of four high-quality, multiple choice questions on transformations. Can they get them right to crack the code? 

Riemann Zeta Club: Chapter two - number theory

The Riemann Zeta Club is an enrichment maths club for Year 12, intended as preparation for the Maths Challenge, Maths Olympiad and Oxbridge entry. This lesson covers divisibility, modular arithmetic, digit problems, Diophantine equations and general theory concerning the integers.

Well-known maths theorems poster

Perfect to display on your classroom wall to help your budding mathematicians aspire to greatness!