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Craig Barton
29th April 2019
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Even more engaging revision exercises to ensure pupils are fully prepared ahead of the upcoming exams 

With examinations fast approaching, revision is now firmly on the brain. To help your students feel prepared for any question, I’ve pulled together this collection of classroom-ready resources, ideal for recapping key topics on the new GCSE and A-level specifications. With these activities, notes and worksheets, pupils are sure to feel secure in their mathematical ability as they turn over that exam paper for the first time.

GCSE revision resources

Multiple Choice quizzes - GCSE maths higher

Multiple choice quizzes to help recall knowledge through low stakes testing. Answers included. Powerpoint included for those who would like to edit any questions

**updated 04.06**
Two more multiple choice quizzes put on. Re uploaded 150517 edition due to wrong answer.

Hope they are some use :)
By steele1989

GCSE Maths Revision Mats (Miscellaneous Set)

Taking inspiration from the AQA Science revision mats, I have created some for GCSE Maths revision for Year 10s and 11s. This pack contains a set of miscellaneous topic revision mats on the following:
- Angles in Polygons and Parallel Lines
- Distance-Time Graphs
- Circle Theorems
- Scatter Graphs
- Linear Simultaneous Equations
- Percentage Change
- Reverse Percentages
I have labelled these all as Higher, however all could be used for Foundation. I think that these could be a great way to allow students to revise effectively in small, manageable chunks and if they're popular, I'll continue to make more!

Fin :)
By Fin Butler

GCSE Maths Revision Race (Grades 1-3)

15 exam-style questions aimed at grades 1-3 in the format of a revision race, written specifically for the new 9-1 spec. This is a great activity to do as a revision lesson to engage your students in some exam practice. It'll also help you to identify weaker areas that need more revision.

Answers and instructions are included, all you need to do is print the questions. The questions could also be used as a quiz or treasure hunt-type activity.

Get our GCSE Maths Revision Race for grades 4-5!

Get our GCSE Maths Revision Race for grades 6-9!
By SimplyEffectiveEducation

Beat the clock!! GCSE Higher and Foundation revision (With answers)

24 questions on various GCSE topics with answers on the second page. You can adapt this to the needs of your own class as you wish. Please do the questions yourself before you set a time for your own class to complete them.

The aim is to complete the most answers correctly in a selected time frame (typically 5-15 minutes depending on the ability of your class). Once they are getting consistent full marks, they should aim to beat their time.

By misshbhudia

A-level revision resources

C1 A level Maths student revision notes

Handwritten Revision notes for C1 - student friendly handwritten notes proven by previous student use to be highly effective revision tool for the AS students in particular. Made in a visually attractive way and highly recommended by A level Maths students. Made by me who has over 5 years A level Maths teaching experience! You will not regret using these! Check out the handwritten colourful notes for C2, C3, C4 and M1 to be uploaded soon. Can be used for any exam board although designed for the Edexcel board.
By uazeem

C2 Revision Relay - AS level Maths

This is an activity for an AS level maths revision lesson, based on the C2 Edexcel specification. Students work in pairs and race to answer 10 questions. An editable Word version is available on the Core AS resource page of my blog resourceaholic.com.
By Jo Morgan

WJEC C3, C4 and S1 Revision Relay

Designed for revising modules C3, C4 and S1 from the WJEC A Level Maths specification. Inspired by the C2 Revision Relay found on www.resourceaholic.com. Creates a bit of healthy competition during revision time!

 Print the Question Sheets (one per pair), laminate (optional) and cut up into separate questions.
 Print the Answer Sheets (one per pair).
 Hand out the Answer Sheets and spare paper for workings.
 Hand out Question 1 to each pair.
 When a student brings you their Answer Sheet showing the correct answer, give them the next question. If they are incorrect, let them try again.
 The winning team is the first to answer Question 10 correctly.
By Caveman Dan

A Level Maths Assessments - C1-C4, D1, D2, FP1, FP2, M1, M2, S1, S2

This series of A Level assessments and answers covers core maths, decision maths, further pure, mechanics and statistics.

Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR, these comprehensive assessments are perfect for topic tests, homeworks and revision.
By Oxford Secondary

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