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Resources for the new GCSE maths specifications

Craig Barton

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In 2017, the current crop of Year 10 will be the first cohort of students to experience the delights of the new maths GCSE. As the main awarding bodies continue to release further specimen papers and supporting materials, it is becoming increasingly clear just how significant the increase in challenge will be. Not only will existing topics be assessed in greater depth, there will also be the introduction of brand new content. Fortunately, the talented and generous users of the TES Resources website are here to offer a helping hand.

This is my selection of the very best resources to get you started on the brand new maths GCSE content.

Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser

Trigonometry exact values code-breaker

Both higher and foundation students will need to know the exact values of key trigonometric angles. Expose them early with this fun, engaging code-breaker.

Quadratic inequalities - Spot the mistake

Linear inequalities are quite tricky. Drawing quadratic graphs is also quite tricky. This sublime activity will help your students get to grips with this difficult, new topic.

Venn diagram activities

Venn diagrams are back! Familiarise your students with the key notation using this card sort activity.

Quadratic sequences

This is a thorough introduction to finding the nth term of quadratic sequences by comparing them to sequences that students should already recognise.

Bounds and error intervals

If error bounds weren’t bad enough, they have had a remix and been fused together with inequality notation. Give your students a fighting chance with this engaging activity.

Equations of tangents to circles

Calculating the equation of a tangent to a circle used to be reserved for A-level mathematicians. Now, the joy has spread to GCSE, and this resource should help your students grasp this demanding topic.

Frequency trees

What is a frequency tree, I hear you ask? It is the new statistical diagram that everyone is talking about. Turns out they have been around for years, and by using this resource you will discover that they are relatively straight-forward.

Gradients on a curved graph

Whilst calculus itself is not included on the new GCSE, students will be expected to estimate the gradient of a curve at a given point by drawing a tangent. This activity is a perfect place to start.

Expanding polynomials

Why expand two brackets when you can expand three? This activity should give your higher tier students the practice they need.

Functions practice questions and solutions

Functions have had a make-over for the new GCSE. Students must be able to work with the notation, as well as finding composite and inverse functions. This resource covers everything, even domain and range (which isn’t tested).