Top resources to tackle bullying

Raise awareness of what constitutes bullying and what can be done to stop it with these assembly presentations and lesson ideas for all ages

Nicola Davison & Victoria Haughton

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Stamp out bullying in school with these thoughtful assemblies and lesson ideas

Whether or not we like to admit it, bullying happens in one form or another in all educational settings. With the negative long and short-term effects felt by all learners – be they victims, bystanders or even the bullies themselves – it’s important to try and create an open and honest environment in which they can discuss their feelings.

As such, we’ve hand-picked a selection of our favourite resources to help students of all ages to stand up to bullying in school. For even more inspiration, check out our friendship post for younger learners and anti-bullying post for older students.

Resources for younger learners

Spread an awareness of bullying in school and explore a variety of ways to deal with it using this easily-adaptable assembly. Alternatively, prompt students to consider the different forms that bullying can take and the way it can make others feel, before designing an anti-bullying poster with this thought-provoking work book

This colourful presentation not only gets learners thinking about the qualities of a friend, but can also be used as the stimulus for a writing task back in the classroom.   

Anti-Bullying Week Class Assembly
Chris Horne

Anti-Bullying Week Class Assembly

I am doing a class assembly on the friday of anti-bullying week and have written a play including aspects of bullying we wanted to target as a school. My Year 5 class are showing it to the rest of the school and it could be used just as a class assembly if the topic is on bullying. I hope this might...
PSHE Anti-Bullying  Workbook

PSHE Anti-Bullying Workbook

This resource is for Upper KS1 and KS2. It consists of a wordbank with words related to bullying and worksheets for the children to discuss with each other or as a class and then write their own feelings and opinions on bullying. They also have to design an antibullying poster. I have also include...

Resources for older learners

Explore learners’ understanding of what bullying is and the role of the bystander with the help of these well-structured lessons, which also explore the differences between bullying and conflict. Further re-inforce what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable with this differentiated lesson, complete with scenarios to discuss.

Unfortunately rumours are an almost inevitable part of school life. Focus on the impact they can have on individuals and make older students think twice about spreading hurtful gossip with this succinct presentation.   

Peer on Peer Abuse Bullying PSHE
EC Resources

Peer on Peer Abuse Bullying PSHE

Bullying or banter? PSHE or Tutor Time resources for the new PSHE 2020 -23 curriculum. This detailed lesson focuses on the issues surrounding 'banter' culture - and when a bit of light teasing becomes bullying and verbal peer on peer abuse, through investigating case studies and different scenarios...


Resource focusses on how rumours affect people. Includes useful story of how Socrates dealt with vicious rumours. Great for tutor time, assemblies and Citizenship. Feedback pls :)