Tutor-time activities for the summer term

Lauren Tong
24th May 2019
Tutor-time activities for the summer term

Tutor-time games, activities and projects for the summer term

With the final term in sight and the rush of exam season coming to an end, keeping your students engaged during form-time can be tricky. So, to help you out a little, we have pulled together a collection of games, activities and project work that your students can complete as part of a team or independently.


Tutor Time Quiz (1)

A self-playing multi-topic quiz with 20 questions (and answers). Ideal for tutor-time.

Click 👉 tes.com/../tutor-time-quiz to download similar-style quizzes.

Suitable for older primary and all secondary students. The self-playing version is timed to last 15 minutes, but I have included a non-timed version if you want to slow things down a bit.
By Maths4Everyone

End of year Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz Great for a bit of end of year fun!

If you’d rathern not just focus on the World Cup and sport in general then this is the quiz for you!

Includes a variety of activities and questions on a number of different sports.


This INTERACTIVE Sports : Sports quiz has 9 rounds consisting of a variety of activities and is perfect for Tutor Time or a fun lesson activity. It has the potential to span 90 minutes depending on how many rounds you wish to play.

PowerPoint: 80 even comes with an interactive score board for you to keep tabs on the team’s points. You can select the round you wish to play by using the interactive activity page

The Sports Quiz consists of:

Knowledge Climb
It’s a Doodle
On Your Bike
Say What You Ski
Quick off the Draw
Record Breakers
Sports at the Cinema
Bonus Round

Great for a bit of end of term excitement!

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By TeachElite

Dingbats Quiz

Included in your download is a Dingbats quiz sheet, instructions on how to play/ideas on how to use in the classroom and a full answer sheet.

Dingbats is very literally a game of ‘say what you see’!

Use as a starter, plenary, part of a quiz, form-time fun or simply as a fun activity as a class, in teams or for individuals.

Print the sheet out and present to students (recommended A4 and colour recommended for one of the dingbats to make sense) or pop on the whiteboard.

By history_quizmaster

Four Pictures, One Word!

This is a great resource for lesson starters, building literacy across the curriculum, plenaries, or simply for fun. Based upon the popular mobile app, this visually engaging activity is highly effective at promoting engagement and getting students thinking about words - many of whom seem to love playing the game on their phones! It is particularly useful for Literacy practitioners who are looking to expand students' vocabularies and/or raise the subject of homonyms.

There are a range of challenges:
Green = Beginner level
Amber= Intermediate level
Red = Expert level

The document is easily editable, so you can also add in your own pictures and challenges. Also, all of the pictures used are licensed for commercial use, and all authors are cited.
By TandLGuru


Social Media Blog Writing Template

This writing resource is perfect for use in literacy/writing lessons across the curriculum. Bright, colourful, and realistic, this resource enriches students' writing experiences whilst enabling them to showcase the skills and knowledge that they have picked up throughout their learning.

This lesson is also available as a part of a larger multi-media writing template bundle from TandLGuru that includes: Facebook page template, email template, messenger template, tabloid template, broadsheet template, and a postcard template. Most are easily editable and visually stimulating for students.
By TandLGuru

Origami Frogs

Instructions for making origami frogs that hop, great fun, helps with critical thinking and is geometry at its most basic and fun!!
By chuckieirish

blackout poetry task

A fun task in which Middle School students are guided to create their own 'blackout poems' - by deleting words on a page of a discarded novel. Two links to videos are given: one for creating a paper poem; the other for creating one on a tablet / iPad.
By TanyaMatthews

Make a butterfly kite

Make a butterfly kite! Just download the instructions and choose your butterfly template: Get kids outdoors exploring and bring the outdoors into your classroom with this fresh activity from the Woodland Trust's nature detectives website.
By naturedetectives


Tutor Time Booklet

A 20 page activity pack for Tutor Time that can be given to students to get on with independently. This is great for when you have a bit of form admin to do and you just need your tutor group to get on with productive tasks quietly for a while.
Each task should last 25- 30 minutes and there are 20 pages of tasks.

The activity booklet covers aspects of:
British Values (law, fundamental values, politics, voting, migration)
SMSC actvities (mindfulness, appreciation)
PSHE (personal identity, financial literacy, future aspirations, happiness)
Life Skills (problem solving)
Whole School Literacy

Please note - the images that download with this are preview files. The booklet is in the ZIP file :)

This is part of a much larger Tutor Time Pack, available here:

Many more inexpensive PSHE, RE and Citizenship GCSE free resources at my shop:
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

By EC Resources

TV ADVERT group project

Groups are expected to first plan (on a story board), then produce a filmed TV Ad, after which they will 'pitch' it to the class and teacher - as if they were an advertisement company. You may want to edit some of the time factors and think of a rigid structure with a set number of days for class time preparation. I hope this is a lot of fun :) This requires a lesson plan to really get going, and a few, or more, interesting youtube ad videos. Try give a good introduction in the first lesson, and group effectively, so that their inspiration and imagination are peaked.
By Timbruyns


A PowerPoint that takes you through a six week plan using Genius hour to inspire and engage students to create their own project in tutor time.( I hope to do a new one of these each term to develop student engagement).
By starsurfer

Island Survival

Mini project about surviving on an island after being shipwrecked. Activity to be completed each day and then a literacy task to complete a diary thinking about life on the island.

By edwards.el

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