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Anti-Bullying Pack!

Anti-Bullying Pack!

New accounts and first-time buyers can get 90% OFF this resource by entering the code 90NOVEMBER gives new buyers 90% before November 30th! Get it for 50p! Each of the 4 resources is a multi-use group discussion session. Please consider the whole-school license as included in this download at no additional charge.
School ICT Policy Writing

School ICT Policy Writing

The key to successful ICT integration is a great School ICT Policy. ICT coordinators and senior management can develop a policy that ensures progression in student ICT capability and monitor its performance over a period of time. All you need to know about pointing your school in the right direction towards ICT development.
ICT progression planners for CfE Benchmarks

ICT progression planners for CfE Benchmarks

CfE Early, First and Second level ICT planners that tie in with the benchmarks. They provide potential learning outcomes and some direction of what you could teach in each section of ICT. Some of the wording is based on South Lanarkshire Council systems but could easily be adapted for any authority. These are only suggested outcomes for each year and are fairly ambitious at points (but possible!). They follow DCS progression but are listed as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. These are my own development and are not authority endorsed planners! Hopefully they can be of use. Some basic wording sourced from Dundee planners.
iPad Management Tool Kit  ::  iPad Stations  ::  Technology Management

iPad Management Tool Kit :: iPad Stations :: Technology Management

iPad Management :: iPad Stations :: Technology Management :: EDITABLE A simple, cute and effective way to add organization to your iPad Station in the classroom. This iPad Management Tool Kit comes with several ideas on how to run stations in the classroom, an iPad contract and checklist for students. This Tool Kit was created in Power Point for your ease of use. All you need to do is pick the icons you want and type the names of your kids into the textboxes. This is a very versatile unit that allows you to use the icons in the way that will best suite your classroom management. This Tool Kit are designed in a Mix & Match format. You are able to pick the icons that you want, depending on the needs and the abilities of your students. There are so many different possibilities for using this Tool Kit. :: Included in this Tool Kit :: Ideas for managing stations Student Checklist (Editable) Student Contract (Editable) Binder Cover for keeping all your Checklists and Contracts in. (Editable) iPad Rules Poster (Non-Editable) iPad Icons…Small, Medium and Large (Editable) iPad long tags (Editable) If there is any change or change that you need for this unit, please do not hesitate to contact me, at metimeabc123@shaw.ca and I will make it happen.