Primary German resources: poverty and wealth

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Probleme und Loesungen  (environmental problems- Die Umwelt Edexcel/ AQA GCSE red textbook )

Probleme und Loesungen (environmental problems- Die Umwelt Edexcel/ AQA GCSE red textbook )

This whole lesson power point gets pupils to discuss environmental problems and possible solutions. After an initial picture starter in the new GCSE style (1-9) it explores environmental problems vocab to explore a listening, then it explores the use of accusative with prepositions (also the wechselprepositionen with dative and accusative) and at the end a very engaging group discussion activity. The worksheet contains the differentiated listening questions! This was judged ggod with outstanding features for lesson observation!

By antmfl

Ghost poem perfect imperfect

Ghost poem perfect imperfect

A series of lessons slotted into the topic of school for introducing and practising using the perfect and imperfect tenses in German. The poem is a fantastic activity that works like magic when you translate between the perfect and imperfect - suddenly it rhymes! (will be clear when you see it) The .ppt contains help with vocabulary, and the other .ppt is a lesson which links in with the Edexcel textbook text on Kalib/Angola.

By hasslethehog