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Judaism Class Play or Assembly

Judaism Class Play or Assembly

Judaism Class Play or Assembly Approximate duration: 10 minutes Cast of 30 (may be easily reduced by doubling up) This play all about the Jewish faith, features: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Moses, Pharaoh, David, King Saul, Goliath, Solomon and Judas Maccabaeus - plus children providing background information on history, festivals, customs, etc. Also available off TES or www.plays-r-ussell.com : • Hanukkah Class Play • 6 speaker script on the 5 major religions of the world, each representative interviewed by an atheist, who has equal respect for all 5, and is instrumental in relaying the central message - which is that there is plenty of room for all religions to exist and how their differences should be celebrated whilst noting just how much they actually have in common. Sample text Narrator: Thank you! And so the Israelites found themselves back in the Promised Land. (Enter David) David: Back in Canaan, from where that nomadic tribe of Hebrews had set off all those years ago! A happy return! Narrator: And you, King David, made Jerusalem your capital. (Enter King Saul) King Saul: Hey! Not so fast! I was the first king! David: But who was it that killed not just thousands, but tens of thousands of the enemy? King Saul: Show off! Just because I allowed you to take on (Sound of grunting and stamping as ‘giant' Goliath stomps on) Goliath: Me! (Bracing muscles) The mighty Goliath! Champion fighter of the Philistines! Come on, you cowardly Israelites! Who is man enough to face me? (King Saul pushing David forward) King Saul: Well, go on, then! What are you waiting for? Here! Take my helmet, suit of armour and sword! (Laughing) What are you going to fight him with otherwise? Your bare hands?