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Shapes: German Vocabulary Card Sort

Shapes: German Vocabulary Card Sort

This is a card sort to help students learn words for 2D shapes (10 words in total). This would be a useful task with younger groups or low ability groups. There are three separate files, depending on how you want to present the task. - The 'teacher copy' shows a grid with all items already matched. - The 'student version' is a random layout, print this out and give to students. They can then cut out the items and match them, or stick them into their workbooks. - The 'quick cut' is designed so that you can produce 10 packs of cards quickly and easily using a guillotine. Each page has the same card 10 times over. This allows you to remove words that may not be suitable or needed. Alternatively you can print the same page twice double-sided to produce flash cards.
GERMAN KS2 Level 3 - KS3 (Year 7): Shapes and colours

GERMAN KS2 Level 3 - KS3 (Year 7): Shapes and colours

TOPIC: SHAPES AND COLOURS INCLUDES 6 printable activity worksheets to teach Key Stage 2 Key Stage 3 – and YEAR 7 students GERMAN about: • Geometric shapes • Adjectives • colours ACTIVITY Cut-out characters’ masks for improvisations and role-plays TEACHER’S MATERIAL includes: • Clear lesson plan for students level 3 • Learning objectives • Key language • Learning expectations • Answers to all practical exercises (worksheets) • Game suggestions All PDF Activity worksheets are: • Usable on whiteboards • Include audio content To access audio use Adobe Reader and: Double click on RED sound icon to listen to the topic Also available in Spanish, French and English (ESL/ EFL). Cosmoville series