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KS4 GCSE Intensive Preterite Spanish Revision new AQA

KS4 GCSE Intensive Preterite Spanish Revision new AQA

Lesson covers: All resources needed for this lesson are included in ppt. Basics of forming preterite tense as well as most common irregulars. Practice using the preterite in translations, readings, writings and speakings. All tasks are differentiated for L.A., M.A. and H.A. students. Lesson includes: Review of time indicators needed for preterite, review of most common infinitives, review of endings and how to translate preterite sentences using simple and clear 4 step process. Activity One: Translation relay based on theme of free time - so that students can put their knowledge of preterite into practice (differentiated) with answers provided. Another translation relay is also provided based on topic of IT, testing knowledge of preterite. Activity Two: Unscramble the egg translation for L.A. and M.A. students. Complex, idiomatic expressions for H.A. students followed by text for H.A. students to translate. Answer to translation also provided. Activity Three: Two speaking options, both based on AQA style photo question in speaking exam. Activity includes vocabulary to help students prepare for photos, as well as photos with sample questions for students to work on. Review.